President's Message

Welcome to our newly designed and recently launched website which now provides our visitors with access to an improved, more user-friendly and easier way to learn about who we are and what we do in our club, in our community and worldwide.


Whether you are an existing Rotarian, a resident of Chandlers Ford and its surrounding areas, or just curious, I hope you will find these pages enjoyable and informative and they will entice you to want to share the enthusiasm of Rotarians in our club for our varied activities and involvement in a number of projects for the benefit of the community, both locally and internationally. Read more here about Our Club and about Rotary in the World.

Our members, men and women, come from a diversity of backgrounds and jobs and enjoy fellowship and fun through a wide range of social and sporting activities. I am very hopeful that we will be able to safely hold some fund-raising events during my year in office, we certainly need to try and raise money for the two local charities I have elected to support, namely the Eastleigh Basics Bank, which provides food for those in need and ARK Eastleigh, which provides Acts of Kindness.  I am sure we will hear of other local causes worthy of our support as the year goes on. Maybe if it’s not through funding, then it may be possible to help in other ways.


I know many of you share my concerns about global climate change and the observable effects on our environment and this is the underlying theme I have chosen for my Presidential year.  I am particularly excited by the recent announcement that Supporting the Environment has become Rotary’s 7th area of focus, as this will result in clear strategies going forward and opportunities for communication, connection and collaboration involving local communities, for example by planting trees, recycling initiatives, food banks, environmental cleaning, cycling more and driving less.  Read more about What we do.





Bob Merrett

President, 2020-21

Rotary Club of Chandlers Ford and Itchen Valley