Social and Sports

One of the most important aspects of Rotary membership is about having fun and enjoying social time with fellow members.  Our evening meetings on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month are just one opportunity for this and we regularly reserve the 5th Monday, for those months that have one, for dedicated social events, such as a quiz or race night, ten pin bowling, theatre outings, musical concerts, visits to places of cultural interest, etc. 


Sporting competitions between clubs are held in a number of disciplines, including Snooker, Golf and Putting, Darts, Boules and Skittles, on a knock-out basis - usually within local areas. Winners of the local events then take on their peers within the District. 

Due to the Covid situation, most of our events and competitions have been cancelled this year but we have discovered the Zoom way and will be holding our first Zoom Bingo social evening in November 2020 and have plans for further Zoom events around Christmas time in December.